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World-wide thermal insulation materials market is developping quickly(1)
   Author:donyue machinery group   Time:[2015-06-23]   Views:

    In order to reduce the consumption of energy sources, protect environment and ease greenhouse effect,. Since the 1970s, foreign construction industry paid more attention to thermal insulation material and its application in construction industry.

    Since the 21st century, world-wide thermal insulation materials market was developping quilckly. With North American consumers paid more atterntion to constrction energy-saving and the government made strict constrction energy-saving laws, the themal insulation materials were appiled in more and more bulidings. So the sand-lime brick machine or aac block plant which can produce thermal insulation materials was widespread used. Even though economic crisis had influence on constrcution industry, the market of North American thermal insulation materials will redece in the short time. In the long-term time, thermal insulation materials will have a bright future.

     Domestic thermal insulation materials industry had a long history. Thermal insulation materials played a very important role in construction energy-saving. For example, the percentage in America was about 81%, the percentage in North European contries was more than 80%. Constrcution energy-saving had begun in some developped contries at the end of 1970s. some constrcution energy-saviing stardards had been forced to carry out in new buildings.

     Constrction thermal insulation materials research and application is more and more popular in the whole world and more and more new thermal insulation materials are invented continuously.