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1.why choose our aac plant?

★ we are specialized in aac plant since 1994, at the same time absorbed technical team from Germany AAC-Concept Gmbh. The team of 5 members all have serviced the Germany YTong more than 20 years. 

★With our own AAC block, AAC panel and sand-lime three in one plant; we are professional in manufacturing equipment and AAC plant management.

★There are nearly 400 AAC production lines world wide running continuously which use dongyue aac plant solution system.

★ Technical team timely support:we provide customers with planning, design drawing, guiding the construction, installation, commissioning, technical teaching one-stop service.

2.AAC block plant Planning and design:

--- aac block plant covers an area of 25 acres or so.

--- There should be raw material area, finished block area and production area. Production process includes raw material disposal, rated material pouring, curing, cutting and steaming procedure.

--- From building foundation to equipments installing and testing, to trial producing, it will take 4-5 months.

--- Plant design: 2000 m2 or so.

---AAC Block Produtions line Raw Material:

1. Flyash: get dry ash from power plant

2. Cement: cement in bulk

3. Lime, gypsum and aluminum powder (buy in local area)

---Water, electricity and steam supply:

1. Water supply: build a well or use waste water

2. Electricity supply: install a 315kv transformer

3. Steam supply: install a 4tons boiler to supply steam to autoclave and curing room

3.AAC production line process

 1.AAC block raw material process and storage
To make a the rational design of the raw material storage areas, Dongyue improve the material processing method to circumvent the dust noise, solid waste disposal and other problems for workers to create a comfortable working environment
2.weighing and pouring
The material, binder, gypsum and aluminum are respectively called by the corresponding automatic metering metering, high-speed mixer and then stirred within, into gas gun sort after pouring into the mold box. The entire system PLC automated control to ensure accurate and efficient operation of the process.
3.curing and cutting
Smooth static stop control will prevents the embryo to initiate the expansion process of the internal structure of the damage, Dongyue provide six-sided cutting programs, efficient and smooth cutting and turning device to Waste Paper is the core equipment.
4.Aerated and finished products process
After autoclave, brick obtain the final strength and performance. And the new technology for the separate of the finished block can packaging system will not only improve the rate of qualified products, but also solve the problem of separate of the finished products .