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As the name we know that is the production of paving block machine equipment,it is a Burning-free block Paving block around it is called also vary, there have tile block, pavement color block machine, block colored surface, ground block, precast block machine, block equipment, prefabricated, here on referred to as block road, ShanDon Donyue Building Material Co., Ltd. Product paving block machine, using professional mold injection molding process, can effectively control the thickness of reinforced concrete protective layer; high strength, good bond with concrete to protect the exposed tendon phenomenon does not occur; self-locking; do not fall off; not broken; easy and simple to operate in order to save money. Don Yue Building Material company currently manufacturing the following three types of paving block (color block road): DY-3000S block pavement block pavement ; DY-150T Multi-; DY-1500K hydraulic paving block machine.

Donyue machinery group Company manufactures paving block machine, absorbed in Spanish equipment technology ,combined with our country national condition, to design new block-making equipment, with excellent performance, easy operation, easy maintenance. Using Germany hydraulic components, of reliable quality and stable performance.

Our company mainly produce baking-free block, hollow block machine and the pave block machine. For the past many years, regard trustworthiness as the it this, regard the client's need as own duty and regard the affordable as glory, we have service many domestic construction company, and have export to East Asia, the Middle East, West Africa, South America, Southeast Asia. We are pleased that we received good fame from customers for the advantage of good quality and less trouble. We also keep good business relationship with the home and broad customer. Our company will responsibility for installation and adjustment the block machine which we have sold out. We will teach the customer how to operate the machine, how to remove Common Malfunction of pave block machine , baking-free block machine and the concrete block machine. We have one year guarantee of the quality. First class product quality, and good reputation is the foundation of our long-term business

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