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As one of the three sand lime brick machine manufacturers in China, we are able to design the autoclaved sand-lime brick production line with the outstanding advantages described as following:automatic sand lime brick production line easily operate and best price

Ⅰ. Work Flow of Autoclaved Sand-Lime Brick Production Line

1. Sand-Lime Brick production line raw materials Storage and Mixture Preparation
1.1 Quick Lime
After transported to the factory, the massive lime will be poured into the receiving hopper by the forklift. It will be smashed by the jaw crusher before delivered into the silo by the bucket elevator. In the silo, the lime will be fed into the milling equipment for fine grinding. Then, you can use the lime powder to make the cementing materials. Later, the bucket elevator will convey the cementing materials to the cement silo.
1.2 Coal Ash
The bucket elevator will put the wet coal ash onto the batching scale for measuring.
1.3 Sand
Sand will be transported to the factory, and piled in the designated area. It will be then conveyed into the batching machine by the bucket elevator.

2. Batching and Mixing
The above materials after measured, will be discharged into the mixer in order. Prior to the initial mixing, you need to add water. The mixed material will be sent into the continuous slaking silo. And then, it will be mixed once again in the edge mill or mixer. If necessary, you can add some water when mixing. Finally, the belt conveyor will convey the mixtures to the hopper of the brick molding machine.

3. Green Brick Forming
The mixtures inside the hopper of the block molding machine will be fed to the mould, and the green bricked is formed. On average, the molding cycle will be 13 to 17 seconds. Via the articulated robot, belt pulley, and automatic stacker crane, the green brick will be piled onto the autoclave trolley.

4. Curing and Storage
The autoclave trolley on which green bricks are stacked, will be sent to the autoclave for curing by the dragger. When the curing is over, the dragger will pull the autoclave trolley together with the bricks out of the curing system. The finished bricks will be unloaded from the trolley. Meanwhile, they will be inspected, and stacked after classified.

Ⅱ. autoclave sand-lime brick Factory Planning and Manpower Allocation

In addition to the specialized Autoclaved Sand-Lime Brick production line factory planning, our Company will provide you the assembly line design, manufacturing, installation, and debugging services until the large-scale production. And top-grade, convenient after-sale service will be offered as well.

As for the manpower allocation, we apply the scientific production pattern, to maximally lower the labor cost. The relevant details are as below:
1. The scraper for materials feeding : 1 person
2. The mixers, slaking silo, control room : 1 person
3. Block Moulding Machine: 3 persons
4. Transportation (Based on the storage distance): 2 persons
5. Autoclave: 1 person
6. Patrol: 1 person

Ⅲ. Finished Product Autoclaved Sand-Lime Brick

Ⅳ. sand lime brick production line raw Materials Requirement of Autoclaved Sand-Lime Brick
The standards varies according to different countries.

1. Coal Ash
The coal ash content shall comply with the JC/T409-1996 Fly Ash For Silicate Building Product, for which: SiO2 content should be no less than 40%, Al2O3 should be from 15~35%, and loss on ignition should be below or equals to 12%.

The screen residues for a square-mesh screen with degree of fineness of 0.045 shall not be more than 45%. The radioactivity of coal ash shall in compliance with the provisions of GB6763.

2. Coal Slag
The slag is from the thermal power plant.

3. Quick Lime
It should in sand lime production line with the standards of JC/T621-1996 Quick Lime For Silicate Building Product.
CaO+MgO≥75% MgO≤5% CO2≤5%

4. Sand
It shall comply with standards of JC/T622-1996.

5. Sand lime brick production line proportion of Raw Materials
River sand: 70~90%;
Coal Ash:10~15%;
Aggregate: 5~10%;
Quick Lime: 8~10%;
Water: 10%

With the development of sand lime brick machine construction industry, it is imperative to produce the green and energy-saving walling materials with reasonable price and high quality.
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